Opting Outside #SOL20 Day 25

After a day of feeling anxious and worried, I shared my anxiety in my slice yesterday. The community that has surrounded me through this month’s challenge has been amazing. I felt extremely overwhelmed with the panic of the situation and comments I received helped me tremendously. I shared my concerns with my husband, and he reassured me that things would be okay if we had to face them.

I started today with a whole new mindset- get outside and move more.

The day began with some calming yoga. I set my intention. Breathe… things will be okay. At the conclusion, I laid on my mat, breathing, thinking and feeling peaceful.

I decided to enjoy my coffee outside on my walk around the neighborhood park. The fog blanketed the neighborhood, transforming it into a mystical world. Birds chirped. A squirrel didn’t look both ways before crossing my path, startling me and sending coffee onto my chin. I breathed in… taking in the small buds on the trees. I exhaled… worries and uncertainties seeming little in the beauty of this moment.

I flexed my fingers. A chill still ran through the air, but I knew things were going to be okay. I remembered my intention from yoga.

My afternoon walk provided me another reminder of the beauty of the world. My headphones died halfway through the walk, which I took it as an opportunity to listen to the world. The sun shone down, making me smile. Birds chirped, dogs barked. Only a few cars drove by. It was a moment to just enjoy the weather after several cold, gray days and take in the outdoors of my city.

My husband ended his work day and agreed to a bike ride with me. I forgot how much I enjoyed taking in our city on bicycle with him. We paused at one point to admire the view. The beauty of the time together brought me back to how he grounded my worries the night before. This time to stay home has presented a lot of opportunities to pause and focus on our relationship and just enjoy our moments together.

This spring day was perfect. It was a beautiful reminder of the possibilities of spring and how being outdoors and physical activity is good for my soul.

About Jennifer Atkinson

I am a 4th grade teacher in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have also taught fifth, sixth, K-2 Special Education and third grade. I love to read, bake, garden, and spend time with family/friends. I am married to my awesome husband, John.

2 responses to “Opting Outside #SOL20 Day 25

  1. It’s a hard time for sure, and yoga/meditation/intentions/walks/bike rides… they all help. You took us through the emotional curves of your day really well, and you brought us back to a peaceful place alongside you. Thanks.

  2. This line made me giggle, “A squirrel didn’t look both ways before crossing my path, startling me and sending coffee onto my chin.” How awesome that you were able to get outside and really enjoy the moments of the day. I will assume your intention and let that guide me tomorrow. Thanks for your inspirational slice!

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